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HeartShot - Reduces Inflammation that Causes Heart Disease

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Every 34 seconds someone in America dies of a heart attack. Heart disease kills 2,500 Americans a day, over 1.5 million a year. The American Heart Association reports that more than 71 million Americans, men and women, experience cardiovascular disease.

It's an epidemic that surpasses the scourge of the Black Plague!

One out of three adults is just one heart beat away from an attack and we don't know it...till it's too late.

But heart disease is a self-inflicted wound... and it's reversible!

At Asantae, we simply refuse to accept these 'facts' as OUR reality. Research indicates that we can each take simple but powerful steps that will lower our risk of heart disease dramatically.

At Asantae, under the guidance and leadership of our Chief Medical Officer, cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Dwight Lundell, we have a program and a product line that can lower cardiovascular risk while generating more vitality, energy and fitness!

HeartShot™ is a synergistic blend of the highest quality essential nutrients that are designed to help reduce inflammation. It is the result of years of clinical experience and product development. HeartShot™ helps block the causes and effects of inflammation at several critical points along your body's biological pathways. It acts on all cell membranes, the inside lining of the arteries, and in the blood. HeartShot works to fight the effects of our modern environment.

  • Promotes heart, brain, and immune system health

  • Promotes an increase in lean body mass

  • Promotes reduction in amount of body fat

  • Promotes a reduction in chronic inflammation

  • Blocks the oxidative process

  • Prevents free radical damage

The Anatomy of Heart Disease

For decades you have been told that a fatty diet, resulting in high cholesterol, is the culprit for heart disease. Did you know that there is no scientific data to support this theory? In fact, study after study in the medical journals show that the accepted link between dietary cholesterol and heart disease is false!

So if cholesterol is not the culprit, what is the primary cause of heart disease? The answer is simple: Inflammation!

Contrary to popular belief, heart disease is not caused by a build-up of cholesterol (or plaque) inside the arteries. It is caused by inflammation within the arterial wall that occurs as a result of the body's natural defense against oxidized LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol provides an important and necessary function in the body. It only becomes a problem when it is damaged through oxidation and deposited in the wall of your arteries by your own body's defense mechanisms.

In a nutshell, this is the process that causes heart disease:

Heart Inflammation Illustration 

Heart disease begins when (1) abnormal LDL cholesterol (transformed by high blood sugar and/or oxidation) moves into the arterial wall. Then (2) the inflammatory cytokines cause the arterial wall to bring in the circulating white blood cells, which in turn (3) enter into the arterial wall. The white blood cells do their job and (4) consume the abnormal LDL cholesterol. These white blood cells (5) become overloaded with abnormal LDL cholesterol and become 'foam cells'. A collection of these foam cells form a fatty streak in the arterial wall. As the artery tries to heal itself (6) smooth muscle migrates to cover the plaque, forming a fibrous cap around the fatty streak. Continued inflammation (7) causes the fibrous cap to weaken, and (8) eventually rupture, causing a heart attack.

The process of heart disease begins in our teenage years and slowly worsens over time. By reversing the oxidative process and decreasing inflammation, we can effectively slow down, and even reverse, the progression of heart disease in your body!

Inflammation attacks The Whole Body

When inflammation attacks the heart, it's potentially deadly. But inflammation is EVERYWHERE and it compromises every aspect of our health and fitness.

  • In the joints, it creates pain,

  • In the mind it creates fog,

  • In the immune system, it creates weakness and a vulnerability to a host of diseases.

When you take HeartSHOT, you can expect:

  • Increased focus

  • Greater flexibility

  • More energy

  • Faster recovery from exercise

  • Improved muscle tone MORE life and liveliness!

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