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"In just 8 weeks, I have gone from 230 to 203 using RealW8!!! I have lost 5 inches from just my waist alone! I am eating well and for the first time, I am enjoying exercise! Most importantly, my wife can wrap her arms around me again! I love RealW8…I am eating better foods without a struggle or effort!"
—Richard, Honolulu, Hawaii

"Wanted to share our adventure with RealW8. In 8 weeks, my husband Alan has lost 13 pounds and I lost 16. My son came by and took one look at us and was relieved, we looked so healthy and fit! And, here’s what I love about RealW8…for the last 3 weeks, we have been entertained guests from China. Lots of special food events but nonetheless, we held our own and maintained our weight loss and new healthy habits. I love RealW8!"
—Marsha and Allan Los Angeles, CA

"I was part of the test trial with RealW8. What caught my interest was the fact that it was invented by a cardiologist so I knew it had to be safe. The first day I took my first dose of RealW8, I was on my way out the door to my grandson's birthday party. They were having pizza and chocolate cake. Two of my favorites. I thought...good test for this product! My family knows how much I love chocolate and will not pass up chocolate cake or chocolate anything! When the pizza was served... I passed. I literally did not want any. Same with the cake. My family was shocked! I am sensitive to caffeine so I only took 1 capsule before dinner time. It still worked great! RealW8 really works and has helped me to lose inches and feel great!! "
—Bonnie Raitt, Billings, MT

Hello, my name is Ursula B. and I was introduced to RealW8 by my father-in-law, before I went on my three week vacation to Europe. Because of the times during the eating it was a little challenging to do the program well, but I was still able to lose 3 pounds with RealW8, but as soon as I go back from my vacation I was able to start the program and I am happy to report that I was able to lose 8 pounds...and I am so excited because it was effortless. RealW8 lets me eat what I like, but not crave carbs, which my family knows...I used to love. One big and key thing for me is the energy I feel as well...this product is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to be able to share it with my friends....thank you for letting me part of this team ;-)
—Ursula B.

Went SHOPPING! So nice to bypass all the bigger sizes and head to the 5/6's for the really cute styles and dress choices! I used to try on 50 things and walk out of the dressing room frustrated and almost in tears! 15 pounds, 2 dress sizes and more to go! Can't wait! :)
—Tracie P. Temecula, CA

One of my team members - Michelle Wade - is having GREAT succees with RealW8!  As of August 25th she has experienced a drop from size 20 pants to size 16 AND she has commented on noticing how tops and pants are fitting better!
Michelle Wade, Billings, MT

RealWeight - RealW8

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